"Masterfully done! Beautiful work on the transients and the strings. You really saved those tracks. Top job!" Red bull "Got the masters back from my album and it sounds amazing!! Massive big up to Paul Jones finally had a proper listen, so impressed with how it all sounds" AcdBrnOut "You are a magician! What the hell dude it sounds so sick... Amazing. It's got life and soul in it now! REALLY appreciate you squeezing that in for us yesterday." Frank Moody "i'm really impressed with the master. you've kept the original dynamics of the track and the control on the bass and kick sounds wicked." Satta Sounds "Masters sounded really good man played them out the big ass rig sounded sweet, also played in a shit car stereo and all the tunes sounded really clear and straight levels throughout out could really define in my hearing each instrument." Katch Pyro - Life4Land Examples:

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Showing all 2 results

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  1. 5 out of 5


    exellent work